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Four Butterflies Wall Art

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Watercolor artist Dean Crouser gives his personal touch to this collection with simple and unique household goods that feature his vibrantly painted designs. Using his brush, he creates bold imagery of animals and plants that enhances ceramic, stoneware, wood, and composite pieces.  Be sure to hang the Four Butterflies Wall Art somewhere visible where it can brighten everyone's day. The intense rainbow of colors and unique rectangular shape makes this wall art a wonderful piece for entryways and hallways. It features a line up of four butterflies. Each one is a different color, including yellow, green, purple, and tan and black. In the lower corner is a brass artist's token bearing the mark, "DC." The painting is framed in wood strips and has a sawtooth wall hanger on the back. It is made from canvas, solid wood, wood composite, and brass. It measures 6"w x 16"h.

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