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Espresso From the Source Organic Fair / Whole

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Inspired by our years working in Italy, the 100% Arabica espresso has been perfected. We wanted to capture the beautiful Italian coffee culture…and change it up a bit. Most ‘Italian’ espresso coffees are made with Robusta coffees, a harsher, low-quality coffee. Not ours. This Espresso embodies the culture AND offers the clean, quality of mountain Arabica specialty coffee.

From the “Pros”: These medium roast beans make thick crema in espresso and perfectly marry with milk for a rich cappuccino or café. Well-balanced.

*100% Organic Specialty Arabica

*Medium Roast *Whole bean *Enjoy in all preparations; made especially for Espresso machine or stove-top “Moka”

*Approx. 40 espresso. 14.1 oz/400g *100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted *USDA Certified Organic & Fair Trade Federation Member