Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® FAQ


Q.   How long will it take for my finish to cure?

A.    Annie Sloan Soft Wax may be dry to touch very quickly, but takes some time to reach its full hardness. It will start to harden as the solvents in it evaporate. This hardening process is known as ‘curing’. Curing can take between 5 and 21 days depending on ambient temperature. You may need to treat your finished surface with extra care up until the wax has cured completely (use coasters, avoid sharp objects etc).

Q.    How do I clean a painted and waxed piece of furniture?

A.     To clean marks or stains, use a slightly damp cloth with a little mild soap. If you need to use a stronger cleaner, you may have to re-wax the area. Stubborn marks on waxed pieces can often be removed with a little Clear Chalk Paint® Wax on a cloth. Always use heat mats and coasters to protect your painted and waxed surfaces. Keep away from extreme temperatures or humidity. Like you, your finish prefers a moderate climate! 

Q.    Can I use Chalk Paint®/™ to paint my outdoor furniture?

A.     Chalk Paint®/™ can be used on outdoor projects. It’s particularly good on brick, concrete, stone and terracotta – and there’s no need to wax. On garden furniture, a coat of water-based exterior varnish will protect against stains and keep the finish looking good for longer. Look for a varnish with UV protection to prevent color fading. Chalk Paint®/™ will fade in the sun and age gracefully with the elements. Chalk Paint®/™ is a water-based decorative paint and does not have any weatherproof or protective properties. Depending on the look you want and the site-specific conditions you may find it needs a fresh coat periodically. Chalk Paint®/™ is not recommended for teak or other oily woods. Always test, if in doubt! 

Q.    Can I paint the fire surround/mantelpiece of my working fireplace?

A.     Chalk Paint®/™ adheres very well to marble, stone, wood and brick fireplaces with no undercoat required. It can also be used on radiators! Make sure the radiator or fireplace is cold before you start painting in order to prevent the paint from cracking. You can leave the paint unsealed or finish with Clear Chalk Paint®/™ Wax if you wish. Remember to leave the wax to cure for 48 hours before exposing it to heat.

Q.    Can I mix Chalk Paint®/™ colors together to create a custom shade?

A.     Annie Sloan’s carefully selected range of colors is hugely flexible as you can mix colors together to extend the range and create endless possibilities. If you want to make a color paler then add Old White or Pure. Old White will give the color a softer vintage feel, and Pure will make the color more modern. Find out roughly what ratio you need by experimenting - you could use your fingers to dab and mix colors, or a teaspoon to make small amounts. For larger amounts you could use a cup or even a tin as a measure. Start with a dollop of your chosen color, slowly adding the Old White or Pure. A dollop of Provence and two dollops of Old White gives you a ratio of 1 to 2, making a lovely soft pale slightly aged turquoise like old faded French shutters. Use Pure and the color is cleaner and fresher, giving a more vintage 1950’s look. It’s useful to keep a sample of the colors you make in your Chalk Paint®/™® Work Book, just in case you want to recreate them. For lots more information on mixing colors, see Annie’s book ‘Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More’. 

Q.   Which finishing materials are safe for children’s toys or projects that come in contact with food?

A.    Representative samples of Chalk Paint®/™ Wax and Annie Sloan Lacquer have been independently certified as 'toy safe' according to strict European standards. Our testing is conducted by one of Europe’s leading testing houses who have confirmed full compliance with BS EN 71-3:2013. 

We are always available to answer any questions you may have, reach out to us at 727-940-8632 or Email Us.