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Cookbook of Healthy Living & Still Zero Regrets

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After a life-threatening event, the No Sugar Baker rolled up her apron, changed her lifestyle and has quickly become one of America's favorite self-taught bakers. She shares her informative health experience and over one hundred recipes. She'll be your favorite too!

On her 44th birthday, Jayne got deathly sick and landed herself in the emergency room with stunning vital signs. After numerous tests, the ER physician diagnosed her as a severe diabetic who was minutes away from having a stroke. This was an eye-shocking surprise Jayne, a lawyer by trade and health policy wonk. The next hours were crucial---no one told her that she'd lose her sight! Jayne lost her vision/eyesight for 15 days. She went on prescribed medications, but never insulin. Her attitude was lifesaving. Jayne went to work and wore out her tennis shoes. She changed her diet and eliminated all sugar, fruit, flour and snacking. Today, Jayne has lost 60 lbs., is medicine free and her eyesight is now 20/20. All accomplished by pure lifestyle change. This is her second cookbook of No Sugar recipes including desserts, entrees, soups and treats. Jayne is nationally known as America's No Sugar Baker and has tremendous following on social media.