Tyler Candles Diva® 128 oz (3.78L) Glamorous Wash

Tyler Candles Diva® 128 oz (3.78L) Glamorous Wash

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Elevate your laundry with Tyler Candle Company's Glamorous Wash, the ultimate Diva laundry detergent. This versatile, phosphate-free formula is perfect for all fabric types, ensuring your garments are not only clean but infused with a luxurious Diva scent. Ideal for both machine and hand washing, including HE machines, it leaves clothes soft, vibrant, and richly fragrant. Experience the indulgence of Tyler's glamorous wash diva, offering gentle care for delicate fabrics.

Diva® is a warm and complex fragrance overflowing with delicious fruits and rich florals. Rich, aromatic chocolate and amber complete this luscious, long-lasting, soothing blend.

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