Whistler Grey Chalk Paint®
Whistler Grey Chalk Paint®
Whistler Grey Chalk Paint®

Whistler Grey Chalk Paint®

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Named after and inspired by the works of 19th century American-born artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Whistler Grey is an attractive, warm, truly versatile grey that complements lighter tones and pastels.

Available in two sizes: Project Pot (4 oz) and a Quart.

 - A little bit of paint goes a long way, especially when used with the proper brush. Do not fill your brush with paint, and use a light touch when applying the paint to your surface. 

- You may add water to your paint depending on your preference of the finished product. We recommend using a spray bottle filled with water and spritzing the surface gently as you move along. You can also remove paint from your tin and mix a small amount of water to your desired consistency. We never recommend adding water to your paint tin directly.

-  Aim for multiple thin coats to achieve your desired look instead of one thicker coat of paint. Do not apply a second coat until your first coat is completely dry.

 - Some prefer to distress before waxing, and some prefer to distress after waxing. Remember, if you distress after you wax, you will need to reapply a second layer of wax.  Always apply a clear coat of wax before any colored wax. 

Please note there are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES on any of our paint products. This is common practice for all Annie Sloan Stockist to guarantee that the product you receive has never previously been opened. If you have any questions regarding our colors, please contact us by email or phone before purchasing. We are always available to talk about color choices, design ideas and Chalk Paint® techniques.